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Fairly Sourced

We know how important it is to you to know exactly where your clothing is coming from. That means not only where it was made, but who made it and that those people were paid living wages and were treated fairly and humanely during the process. All the yarns from our Clean Cotton line are sourced from Peru and are certified as fair trade. The woman who sources our cotton yarns from Peru has visited and met the women that are hand spinning and dying them. They are making above minimum wage for their country and are able to support their families.


We know that you care about our planet. It is important to you that the money you put into our economy is used wisely, going toward sustainable, biodegrable, recycled, upcycled, and eco-friendly items, and supporting businesses that put honest effort and passion into ensuring their footprint on Earth has a low impact. Our cottons are farmed differently than some cotton, because in Peru, color grown fiber needs very little water.  Click here for more information.

We know that you value the protection of animals. For those of you that choose to live a life-style free of any animal byproducts, we do offer a vegan line of items. The only yarn we use that comes from animals is our Mohair/Silk which comes from farms that do not use the Mules operation on their sheep. The cotton yarns that are not a part of the Vegan collection include a dye derived from the Cochineal insect.


We know that you do not want to contribute to the massively growing landfills and garbage islands floating in our oceans. We offer a recycled line of items. In support of the Close-the-Loop movement, we support small businesses that upcycle yarn from used clothing, and spin our own yarns in this way, to prevent clothing items from entering a landfill. We have also applied to join a pilot program whose goal is to build a Connected Products Economy, which aims to solve the “take, make, waste” model of our current clothing industry. This will mean that you can use an app on your phone or tablet to read all of the available information about your clothing items by scanning a QR code on the label. Additionally, we offer a repurposing program, where you can return our used products to us to be recycled, which will prevent them from entering landfills.

Finally, we know that you don't want to receive a beautiful item and end up with a pile of garbage to contend with. All of our packaging is recycled and biodegradable.


We know that not everyone is comfortable with every fiber on their skin. Our cotton and mohair/silk yarns are made with minimal dyes, are manufactured with minimal chemicals, and are stored very carefully at all stages of production to reduce the risk of contamination. The cotton we use goes through a process to make sure the fiber contains minimal chemical factors which are known allergens. In addition, our fiber artists do their very best to minimize exposure to pet hair and other allergens.

Cory is the President, CEO, and Lead Fiber Artist behind Cory T Creations. She has been creatively working with fiber since she was a little girl learning to crochet from her great aunt. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan and later a Master of Business Administration degree

from a small campus college near her home. She began selling her wares on Etsy in 2009, retaught herself to knit in 2016, and after a successful two-year run with her first small business, she adjusted to follow her true passion and began creating thoughtful, handmade knitted wares aligned with her values of respecting human beings and our planet. She and her family of four find silliness and joy in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan.

Proud member of the Arbor Day Foundation

Proud member of the Climate Reality Project


Proud member of the Indie Business Network

Proud member of The Knitting Guild Association

Proud member of the Professional Crafters Guild


*Please note: the yarns used in our recycled line cannot be guaranteed organic, vegan, fair-trade, or humane, as the yarns are upcycled from used clothing that most often cannot be verified as such.