Fun With Upcycled Yarn

Welcome to the Real Small Biz Blog with Cory from Cory T Creations LLC! Here, we will go behind the scenes. You will see the nitty-gritty. You will see the challenges and share in the achievements and joy.

What or who do you resist? Resistance is that feeling you get when you experience something or think of someone or something and it just makes you go, "ew" and tense up. Maybe then, you leave the situation or put it out of your head. Acceptance is a great solution. Acceptance will reduce anxiety greatly. But in order to truly accept and release ourselves from resistance, we first have to be aware of it - be truly aware of the feeling(s) we get when we are resisting something or someone.

Phew... now that the deep stuff is covered!!! LOL We can talk about UPCYCLING!!! Today, I will show you the beginnings of a product that came from previously rescued items. And it's SO cool!

And maybe you'll get a look behind the scenes of some personal stuff... ok, you will definitely hear possibly too much about a few things. But what can we say, that is real life and this is the Real Small Biz Blog.


Until next time...

Be nice to each other and we love you all!!

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